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Thinking back to my own childhood, the idea that I could simply nag my parents into giving me junk food is laughable. Fast food was a very occasional treat. The issue is bigger than food, however. What worries me is that these big social shifts can have a profound impact on the psychological development of the next generation. Increasing spending-power combined with increased attention from parents and grandparents produced an over-entitled generation who lacked discipline or self-control. A generation of spoilt, emotionally dysfunctional and entitled people who lack grit and, instead, feel the world owes them.

They think they are always right, and that everyone should listen to them. Recently, I was speaking to a senior manager in a City firm, who said companies now face real difficulties in knowing how to deal with graduate employees. Most of them are too fragile and precious to last, he added. We do our children no favours by mollycoddling them. The world can be harsh, with plenty of disappointments.

Giving patients direct control of the money to be spent on treatments such as therapy empowers them and allows them to choose care tailored to precisely what they want and need.

This scheme has been around for several years, but this week the Government unveiled plans to roll it out more widely from 23, patients to , saying this will help tackle the inadequate and fragmented care so many receive.

Personal health budgets have already been tried in the Netherlands, and are now being restricted because of the problems caused.

But the plan undermines the very NHS that these people rely on. Care is inadequate because the help these patients require is complex and expensive. The answer lies in investing in the resources already there, not in bunging patients cash and telling them to find care elsewhere. Take this example from my practice: Unlike the maximum waiting times for operations, though, there is no cap on the time my patients wait for the specialist psychotherapy treatment they need.

There is chronic underinvestment and the waiting time in many services is over a year. Surely the answer is to invest in reducing waiting lists by employing more staff, not giving the patient a minimal amount of money, which will quickly run out, to access psychotherapy elsewhere. Also, supporting patients to develop a plan for their personal budget takes considerable time from health care professionals.

Boys must be saved from this barbarity Some doctors argue that circumcision should be considered in the same regard as female genital mutilation There is no doubt that female genital mutilation FGM is a barbaric practice and has no place in our society.

I totally agree with him. Male circumcision involves the removal of healthy tissue, just as FGM does. There are medical conditions when it might be necessary. Indeed, I was circumcised when I was four for medical reasons. Circumcision is a painful and potentially damaging operation that can have life-long consequences. I have seen many men who are having relationship difficulties as a result of sexual problems caused by it. The only proven medical benefit is reduced risk of HIV infection.

But surely we should be teaching boys the importance of safe sex rather than lopping off things, just in case. There is now mounting proof that various types of trauma to the head can cause long-term damage, including possibly dementia. Can this really be permitted in a civilised society? Share or comment on this article:

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