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Harper Avery , one of the most famous surgeons in the country and the namesake of the prestigious Harper Avery Award. He also refuses to use his name in order to progress in his career. Shooting at the Hospital Edit During the shooting at the hospital, Jackson and Cristina performed emergency surgery on Derek Shepherd , saving his life. At one point during the surgery, grieving widower, Gary Clark held them at gunpoint. This pleased Gary Clark and he was then convinced to leave them in peace.

Percy was killed during in the shooting and this had a great impact on Jackson. For months following the shooting, he had nightmares about the event. Altman and Yang, found out they were operating on the shooter. He refused to continue and walked out of the OR, likely a response to the Gary Clark shooting. This bugged him and he decided to break up with Lexie. Jackson then dove into plastics and quickly formed The Plastics Posse with Mark, who was eager to teach him.

After realizing that she really wants him there, Jackson decides to go. As April is walking down the aisle, Jackson smiles at the beautiful bride. Everyone says yes except Jackson. And I want you with me. I love you and I think that you love me, too. April was offended and felt that Jackson loved her despite her religion and therefor just tolerated her.

April then left their home and went to live with Arizona and Callie for a while. Upon running into April as she came to retrieve her iPod, Jackson expressed regret over the ridiculing her beliefs. He said they loved one another and made vows to push through conversations like this, as it was one they would have to have at some point. He stressed they ultimately shared the same values. She agreed, except that he would not agree if she were to tell their future children that their Creator loved.

Their world was shattered when Jackson overheard a conversation between Stephanie and Nicole Herman about their son, as they discussed the possibility of the baby suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta. Jackson had to break the news to April, who avoided it by diving into work.

At the end of the day, Jackson took her outside to talk and she broke down in his arms as she revealed the sex of their baby to him. They then consulted with Arizona and Nicole to find out which type of OI their baby was suffering from.

Unfortunately, their son was diagnosed with type II, meaning he would die mere hours after birth and was also at risk for intra-uterine fractures. Guided by Catherine, Jackson and April decided to induce labor, baptize their boy, and hold him until his final breath. April initially agreed to the plan, but she took her faith and started praying for a miracle. Jackson then went to the chapel to ask God to show up for April.

April found her faith again through a patient who had lost her husband earlier that day. She then decided to name their boy Samual Norbert Avery, the final step she had to take to come to terms with the plan. Jackson agreed to the name and their plan was put into motion. Jackson and April held their son and soaked in every moment with him until his passing. Afterwards, Jackson took April home, where he continued to care for her. He decided to give her space as he felt she needed it in order to come to terms with what had happened.

Jackson stayed by her side all day, until he went to check on a patient of his in the ICU. She returned to work not long after, and choose to avoid dealing with her pain by becoming a tougher version of herself. Jackson filled the void in his life by turning to teaching, recruting Ben to join the new version of the Plastics Posse.

While she was gone her marriage with Jackson deteriorated. She became pregnant with their second child, Harriet, and they later divorced and have joint custody of their daughter.

Finding His Father Edit Jackson meets his father. April eventually found him there, but he yelled at her and left. April ended up talking with Robert Avery and discovered his identity.

She then went to confront Jackson about this and pressed him to talk to his father. Jackson went to do so and told him the truth. Robert talked about how he met Catherine and how he walked out because of her crushing expectations.

He bought a boat to relax on and then decided that he felt sidetracked lately, so he talked to Bailey and asked her to accept a large donation in order to set up a surgical contest that would fund projects rather than just award one surgeon like the Harper Avery Award. Bailey accepted and later got Richard to run it, since she wanted to participate, too.

Personality Edit As a child, Jackson often listened to stories about his grandfather, Harper Avery , and ever since then, he has always wanted to be a surgeon. He is also intelligent, kind and very protective of the people he cares about like his mother, Catherine Fox , and his best friend and later wife, April Kepner.

Carter Reynolds, who threatened ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann earlier today by releasing intimate details of her sex life as revenge, has announced that h. Carter Visits Her. Maggie announced that she was actually in the hospital during Carter’s angry live YouNow stream. She did not disclose a reason, and tweeted that she “wanted to go. Learn about Brennen Taylor: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. Fun facts: before fame, family life, popularity rankings, and more. Famous Birthdays. He dated fellow social star Maggie Lindemann. Born: Apr 03,

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