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Judaism[ edit ] The concept of angels rebelling against God and being expelled from Heaven mainly developed in Judaism during the Second Temple period. Although modern Judaism generally rejects the Enochian writings, Jewish traditions aknowledges Samael as the tempter, who is in charge of several subordinative accuser angels. Sons of God[ edit ] Main article: Grabbe calls the story of the sexual intercourse between angels and women "an old myth in Judaism". It uses the Hebrew word, which means "adversary", elsewhere to speak of human opponents or some evil influence [33] and does not explicitly say that Satan is an angel nor that he is fallen.

Christianity[ edit ] In Christianity , Satan is often seen as the leader of the fallen angels. In verses 7—9, Satan is defeated in the War in Heaven against Michael and his angels: The concept of fallen angels is not foreign to the New Testament, though; both 2 Peter 2: The Bible records several different times when angels fell to earth. Some have already fallen. Tertullian and Origen referred to fallen angels also as teachers of Astrology.

Lucifer The Fall of Lucifer finds its earliest identification with a fallen angel in Origen ,[ citation needed ] based on an interpretation of Isaiah This description was interpreted typologically as an angel in addition to its literal application to a human king: Orthodox Judaism does not believe the name Lucifer is a reference to Satan, but rather the text in chapter four indicates that it is a literal taunt against the King of Babylon.

Christian interpretation of Ezekiel 28[ edit ] Indeed, Christian tradition has applied to Satan not only the image of the morning star in Isaiah Rabbinic literature saw these two passages as in some ways parallel, even if it perhaps did not associate them with Satan, and the episode of the fall of Satan appears not only in writings of the early Church Fathers and in apocryphal and pseudepigraphic works, but also in rabbinic sources.

However Islamic view of fallen angels differs from the Christian view, where fallen angels did not try to usurp the throne of God, a concept alien to Islam. Iblis , Harut and Marut. The story of their fall are found in Islamic narrations, but not in the Quran.

Those who distinguish between Iblis as a fiery angel and the jinn, differentiate the jinn made out of smokeless fire, and the fire these angels are held to be composed of according to Ibn Abbas from the fire of samum. Consequently, God offered a test determine whether or not the angels would do better than humans for long, then they are endowed with humanlike urges and Satan would have authority over them. However on Earth, they entertained and acted upon sexual desires and were guilty of idol worship, whereupon they even killed an innocent witness.

For their deeds, they were not allowed to ascend to Heaven again. After Iblis defeated them, he returned to heaven. In return they become friends and in request the angel took Idris to the Heavens to meet the angel of death. One of the first advocates of this perspection of Angels was Hasan of Basra , who did not just emphasized verses which speaks for absolute obedience of Angels, but also reinterpretated verses against this view. Thus he depicted Iblis as a jinni and Harut and Marut as ordinary men.

Another verse speaking for the Angels impeccability is However according to advocates of fallen angels, these verses can not prove the impeccability for all Angels at any time and in any situation.

They may interact with human and even have sexual relations with them. According to a pre-Islamic legend, Jurhum , founder of the tribe by his name, was the son of a union between a fallen angel and a human woman.

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