Jared dating lupita

I want her to be with Jared: I refuse to give up hope! Of course they are not dating. Jilian Well, good for her! I would chose Fassbender over Jared Leto any day of the week. Fassbender is constantly chasing TAIL! Especially considering the role he played opposite her in 12YAS. They all have issues. They are so out of practice that they come off as douches when they use their wingperson to try to chat someone up.

Run Lupita Jared Leto, is a douche! Lupita please stay away! He dated Paris Hilton. I can bet they are spending time together privately and getting it on.

They are so different. I ship Lupita with Benedict Cumberbatch and other people do as well. But that Jared thing… lol What would they talk about about.

We all know the kind of activities rock stars get up to. Glad to hear it! She is not dating any of these dudes. Unless these two are having issues or an open relationship, then this is just as believable as her dating Fassbender.

Maybe she is single. So, where is this story coming from? Lupita has many male friends and she is usually seen with one or two. These pap pictures alone do not prove anything more than a close bond between the two. Believe in what Lupita and Jared are consistently showing you until they show or tell you otherwise. The media is linking Jared and Lupita pretty much with everybody under the sun. He cancelled an event to go to PFW.

Jared is all business. What boyfriend would let his woman have another guy whispering all up in her ear, sharing same hotel. I can see if it was several months from now or just a handshake, but Jared was all up in there. Leto is deffo chasing her tail, its whether she has succumbed to his charms which is in question. He cancelled a long time booked event to high tail it to Paris to attend the Miu Miu show?? Its obvious something is up.

Lupita would rather be linked to the rapper than him for now — until it is serious — save any embarrassment later down the line for her. Lupita is not with Fassbender thats for sure. The degree to which they ever were dating is the mystery though.

I mean why would she she date Fassbender now when if reports of them hooking up at TIFF are correct he instead choose to go all in with Madalina Ghenea who is now on gossip blinds being outed as his highly paid escort girlfriend??? Fassbender has now put himself in the Charlie Sheen category on this one. I mean, look at them!!! You had better believe this right here! They do the same thing with Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad. FYI, that is a totally rhetorical question, I know the answer.

Upgrade Definitely an upgrade for Leto, compared to Diaz and Hilton. Who else did he date before Lupita? There are a lot of unpleasant rumors about him. Jared is too good for her! Jared and his band are in Finland to star their tour.

Jared has been hanging out in Paris with several friends- but. Not all black people date each other. Those of you who deny what you see with your own eyes are just hating! When they said Jared was with Miley, stuff came out about him having dinner with Lupita. Quit over analyzing and accept that more than one person is rooting for these guys. Chill out freelance private detective. She even reposted one of my comments. Jared is a fame whore but never about his love life.

The rapper story is bs. Plus they have spent time together at his private pre-oscar dinner and at least at the Miu Miu dinner think about it.

I believe that account. The reality is his some of his WF fans this one excluded and some her black fans would not be happy at this pairing and they know it.

Jared has been alone for sometime so if he has found the one and comes right he would be a good husband and father. I think Fassbender messed that one up. They were seen together on dates and he seems still somewhat smitten with her. That Madalina chick must have put the nail in that one.

Lupita is probably not seriously dating, weighing her options. Let her have her fun. No one believed Orlando was with Condola either, lol. I guess they think we, as Black women, can not bag a man who looks like Orlando or Jared. Or even someone like Idris Elba, for that matter.

Not every guy wants a tall, thin waiflike Hollywood chick. Just for that thought process, I hope the paps DO catch Lupita and Jared open mouthed kissing on the beach half-naked.

Jun 01,  · Jared's love life was thrust into the spotlight in early as he took award season by storm with fellow nominee and breakout star Lupita Nyong'o. After theHome Country: US. Jared Leto Caught Flirting With Lupita NyongoRumors of a Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o linkup have been swirling since the internet noticed their undeniable chemistry during awards season. Things quieted down when it was revealed that Lupita.

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