Anthony and josephine dating

In less than a week, the clip accumulated over k views. Back in September , Oh Wonder began releasing one song per month online. We were lucky enough to be able to sit down and chat with the duo about a whole host of different topics before their upcoming Neptune Theater Performance on January 18th. How did you pick the name? Asking questions is the most important thing of all.

Whose idea was it to release a song every month leading to the full album? We wanted to challenge ourselves as songwriters and write, record and release one song every month. An album release at the end of it was never really the goal; that was something that only emerged as a possibility halfway through the project when we realized that we were building a substantial audience.

How did you decide to both be leads in the songs? Was is something from the beginning that just worked? We wanted to be songwriters first and foremost. It was a pure accident. What changed after you played your first gig together in September? We really want to try and harness that potential and help it grow in a positive way. Was it weird to have it connect with a live audience? The lyrics, melodies, beats and instrumentation are all enhanced when we perform live.

How are you dealing with the sudden success? We have always felt successful because we have been fortunate enough in the last few years to wake up and make music every day. So success as an entity in itself is manageable. But people stopping us in the airport to take photographs with us is slightly odd.

The idea of celebrity and fame is one that quietly unnerves me. I want to be recognized for my music, sure.

Playing a sold out tour on your first try, do you feel overwhelmed? But also hugely humbled and very grateful for the opportunity to perform our songs live. How is the tour going? What was one thing you brought with you that you absolutely needed to remind you of home? Photos of our home studio. What do you like the most about it?

Meeting people and experiencing different cultures. We get to eat so much good food! What do you like the least? And not having the time to write songs. What song are you enjoying the most playing live at the moment?

It has this whole other personality when we perform it live. Weirdest mail from a fan? What music influenced your childhood? When did you start playing? Anthony taught himself guitar and also started writing songs at a similar age.

Hobbies outside of music? Josephine spent her day off at Christmas gilding the table legs of her desk in gold leaf, and I spent it painting a piece of wood to look like a watermelon. Sounds random, but being creative with your hands is hugely fulfilling. How have your daily lives changed in the last year with all the success? We have been self-employed musicians for years and accustomed to doing what we want, when we want.

7 September Anthony Perkins news, gossip, photos of Anthony Perkins, biography, Anthony Perkins boyfriend list Relationship history. Anthony Perkins relationship list. Anthony Perkins dating history, , , list of Anthony Children: Oz Perkins, Elvis Perkins. Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West have made it as ambiguous as possible regarding their relationship status. However, they seem to indicate that they are not in fact dating. Hereís their response to interview questions regarding this: > Stre.

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