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It selects, produces and distributes enological products and has since The company has been a leader in innovation since its inception and holds numerous patents. Here is the whole story: Embracing the future, the company has demonstrated the pertinence of its research via renowned product performance and quality. True to its profession, continuing the family tradition, and thanks to its inherent innovative spirit, LAFFORT is present in over 50 countries.

Its products, derived from the synergy of over a century of tradition in combination with modern biotechnology, are used throughout the world for producing quality wines with minimal environmental footprint, so as to fulfil all modern winemaking requirements.

Standards in the industry! But they also have little brothers and sisters The Laffort Oenosteryl tablets are very popular because they are precise, odorless, safe and effervescent.

They are a quick and efficient way to add SO2 to a barrel. Preserving Aroma and Improving Age-ability of wine In terms of juice handling, international winemaking practices vary significantly from country to country.

In Europe, it is typical to treat the free-run and press fractions with a fining product. In the US wine industry, we often see people only treating the press fraction and not the free-run. Not sure how it happened, but fining treatments developed a bad reputation in the States.

They can contribute to a tactile coarseness in wine They can be oxidized to produce browning and pinking They can be metabolized by some organisms to produce volatile phenols off flavors The goal of juice fining is to remove these troublesome phenolic compounds before they produce negative characters in the wine. Wine Fining At juice stage, the aroma and flavor compounds from fermentation have not developed, therefore cannot be removed by the fining treatment.

At juice stage, higher levels of fining agents can be applied for phenolic removal without the worry of over fining. Doing a juice fining treatment will prevent potential oxidation and increase the wine aging capacity. A fining study conducted on a Sauvignon Blanc, oxidized juice.

Looking at fining on juice verses wine.

Listen to Sermons, Talks, and other Events from Grace Mennonite Church. LAFFORT is a fourth generation family-owned company based in Bordeaux, France. It selects, produces and distributes enological products and has since

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